Grant Writing Guidelines


Follow these guidelines to help you:

  1. Active voice
  2. Third person (never use I) and gender neutral
  3. If acronyms are used, explain at the beginning of the grant
  4. Avoid contractions
  5. Don’t put key information in the appendix
  6. Correct spelling and punctuation
  7. Know your readers and write in the way they can understand it using the specific language they know, i.e, arts, health, law enforcement, etc. If you do not know the language, re-read the proposal and any documents funder produces or suggests
  8. Short, clear sentences
  9. Use headings (center, side or sub) to draw attention to divisions. Use the funder’s proposal guidelines to determine headings
  10. Use italics, underline, bold and bullets
  11. Adhere to page limitations
  12. Proper use of singular/plural, i.e. data are
  13. Black ink. Use colored ink very sparingly
  14. Put a final copy on 8 1/2 by 11 bond
  15. Single spaced unless directed
  16. Print only on one side
  17. Simple binding - follow directions
  18. Edit! Edit! Edit! And not necessarily by the writer