Open Burning


The Albany County Fire Warden would like to remind everyone of some guidelines for burning refuse or slash piles. It is permissible to do burning in Albany County on private land when no fire restrictions are in place. 

When planning a burn there are a few things you need to do before, during and after a burn:

  1. Make sure you have complied with WDEQ open burning requirements for Refuse or Vegetative material burning. They may be called at 307-777-7391 to obtain information.
  2. Make sure there are no fire restrictions in effect at the time of the burn.
  3. When burning call Laramie Dispatch at 307-721-2526 or any other local area dispatch center and advise them of the burn. Answer all their questions so that there will not be an unnecessary dispatch of fire units to the burn.
  4. When making a burn pile keep the following in mind:
    • Clear a 10-foot perimeter around the pile to reduce spread potential
    • Do not mix in a lot of dirt. This allows the fire to "hide" until a windy day
    • Do not place the pile under power lines
    • Keep the pile to a manageable size
    • Place the pile in an open area where no other materials can ignite from the burn
  5. On the day of the burn.
    • Burn after a snow or rain. This reduces the chance of other fuels igniting from radiant heat or embers
    • Burn on a day that is cooler, winds are relatively calm and the relative humidity is up
    • Check the fire for a few days after the burn until you are sure it is out
    • Check the fire often on the day of the burn and take corrective action if needed
    • Contact your local Fire Department and get their recommendations about burns in your area


It is very important that when you do a burn that you do everything possible to keep the fire contained. You may have to monitor the fire for a few days as the ashes and coals can stay hot a long time. If there is lots of dirt mixed in the pile the fire can follow the fuel into the dirt and come back out days later on a windy day. 

Burning is an effective way to dispose of refuse or slash. But there is a lot of responsibility associated with doing burns and keeping them controlled. If the weather has been warm and dry and the fire danger is rated high or above, consider postponing the burn until the weather changes.

Additional Information

Any questions please contact your local Fire Department or the Albany County Fire Warden. View the Open Burning Regulations (PDF).